High Contrast International Juried Exhibition

The High Contrast International Juried Exhibition is composed of 29 artworks that make stark contrasts visible and/or draw our attention to radical differences in the world around us. High Contrast welcomes a diverse array of media, including digital media, film, graphic art, painting, illustration, photography, printmaking, sculpture, textiles, video and installation art.

“It was a pleasure to work with the youth curatorial team on this exhibition. They chose high contrast as the driving force behind the show, and their insightful approaches to this generative theme propelled us to explore the idea of duality from many perspectives. As we shifted through the submissions we talked about formal contrast between light and dark, material contrasts between hard and soft, and conceptual contrasts between the intimate and the public. Valuing each of these approaches to the theme equally, together, we developed an exhibition that is itself a study in contrasts.”

-Alexis Lowry